ICT Support in Mathematics and Physics Integrated Teaching Based on Modeling Process

Ngoc Chat Tran, Van Bien Nguyen, Eduard Krause


This article presents a part of the scientific missions of the Inter-Tetra project: Teaching based on modeling process has been published from many didactic researchers for mathematics, physics and math-physics integrated teaching. However, in many cases, the process of building model and the operating of the model is abstract to the students and even teachers. For a deeper understanding of modeling, the first part of the study will present an overview of modeling in mathematical and physical learning. The next part of this study will proposes the application at the steps of building model and operating model in teaching based on modeling process. In addition, this study also presents some examples of using these ICT tools in teaching some math-physics integrated topics and analyzes the advantages and disadvantages of using them.


ICT in teaching; modelling; modelling in physics; modelling in mathematics; modelling in ICT


Beitrag DD 13.03

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